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Rick Cudworth


rick-cudworth_345-231Rick Cudworth has over 25 years’ experience in resilience and crisis management.

He has been interim group head of resilience and crisis management at two global banks and has supported executive leadership teams in responding to crises including pandemics, the Mumbai terrorist attacks, share price crashes and Hurricane Sandy. Rick has also carried out several high-profile independent post-event reviews of crises, examining the root cause and effectiveness of response.

Rick is chair of the British Standards Institution Technical Committee for Continuity and Resilience and was a contributor and review panel member for BS 11200: Crisis Management and BS 65000: Organisational Resilience.

Through his career he has led some of the world’s largest multi-party crisis simulations, as well as many crisis rehearsals for individual clients, observing and coaching at senior executive and board levels.

Rick has advised clients on how to develop their crisis response capability from ‘bottom-to-top’ of the organisation. For the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games he oversaw the design of the Main Operations Centre and concept of operations, the contingency planning for all major venues and the programme of over 200 simulations and exercises to build operational readiness covering minor incidents to major crisis.

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Rick Cudworth
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