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Crisis Communication Consultancy

Effective crisis management requires clarity within each response function about what it should be doing, how and when.

Many organisations recognise the importance of their communications function to the overall response effort. And yet often, the communications team has little dedicated structure and limited process to ensure it can operate effectively in coordination with other teams and as a team itself.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte works with communications teams to assess the alignment between their crisis communication systems and the wider crisis and organisational resilience framework. We help them agree how they will mobilise and work in a crisis, and identify what crisis communication protocols, policies, behaviours and cultures are needed to promote effective engagement with stakeholders.

We also help them establish and maintain compliance and governance systems to give the wider organisation assurance that the function is crisis prepared. It needs to have the right crisis leadership, structure, process and competence in place. Getting to a good level of crisis capability – and maintaining it over time – needs regular attention.

We have two decades of experience in advising communications teams on how to establish, maintain and improve crisis capability. We help clients who want to:

  • Align crisis communication structure, processes and documentation with the wider crisis management framework, likely to include strategic crisis management as well as business continuity and incident management.
  • Develop crisis communication plans, procedures, tools and templates to guide a crisis response.
  • Keep crisis communication capability live and updated, by finding ways to ensure a culture of continuous reflection and improvement.
  • Create wider awareness of crisis communication structures and processes, by devising and running roll-out programmes of workshops and webinars.

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