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Crisis Communication Exercises

A crisis communication exercise provides a motivating learning experience for a communications team or wider function, whilst checking the strength of policies, structures and processes.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte delivers more than a hundred crisis exercises every year, from desktop exercises to full simulation exercises that allow participants to experience the pressure, scrutiny and stress of a real crisis.

Using a realistic scenario, we explore how teams would establish objectives, set priorities and agree strategy. We test how they would align and coordinate activities with other teams, such as the strategic crisis management team, operational teams and even teams from external stakeholders such as regulators, emergency services and partners. We test content generation, external delivery and team-working.

Key to a good crisis exercise are clear objectives and a well-researched scenario that provides a realistic context for the exercise. In a full simulation, the exercise will unfold through a variety of realistic injects delivered by role players and exercise facilitators. We work with subject matter experts and use professional journalists, actors and our proprietary communication simulator to create realistic pressure from, and enable engagement with, online, broadcast and social media, stakeholder and consumers.

All our crisis exercises are delivered by senior crisis communication consultants and are followed up with feedback reports that promote continuous improvement in crisis communication preparedness.

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