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Crisis Communication Preparedness Assessments

All elements of a crisis management capability need to be ‘crisis ready’ and nowhere is this more important than the communications function. Usually the busiest function when a crisis is called, it must prepare its crisis leaders, structure, process and people to ensure it meets expectations.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte’s crisis communication preparedness assessments examine an organisation’s crisis communication capability by geography, business unit or across the entire organisation. We carry out these assessments for many communications teams each year.

Our proprietary tool assesses the ‘hard’ elements of crisis communication preparedness (policy, structure, procedures) as well as the ‘soft’ elements (leadership, competence and culture) against our own crisis communication principles, developed from decades of experience supporting clients in real crises. We look at training and testing programmes, as well as the existence of good stakeholder relationships.

The crisis communication preparedness assessment identifies areas of existing resilience and weakness, and is often used by communications teams at the start of a crisis preparedness improvement programme or as a post-crisis review. We can carry out an in-depth analysis, with our consultants conducting interviews and extensive desk research, or facilitate a workshop which allows client representatives to ‘self-assess’ through facilitated discussion and challenge.

The benchmark can be used in subsequent years to track and quantify enhancements in crisis communication preparedness.

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