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Social Media Crisis Management

The evolution of social and digital media has radically changed the landscape in which organisations operate and communicate. Timescales have changed, ‘ordinary’ people can more easily challenge and influence the way stakeholders think about an organisation and there is an expectation of openness, transparency and engagement.

Social media has moved beyond being a marketing tool: it is a basic communication channel for engaging with customers and stakeholders, and it is not unusual to see social media teams in customer services, marketing and corporate affairs functions.

The range of listening and analysis platforms also provide an unprecedented opportunity to monitor which stakeholders are saying what.

Having a strong digital presence and multi-functional teams and capabilities presents great opportunities for organisations during peacetime. This can, however, become a vulnerability during a major incident or crisis when organisations need to ensure alignment and close coordination communication to protect and manage reputation.

Our crisis communication consultants work with organisations to strengthen their capability to use social media effectively during a crisis. Our services include:

  • Social media crisis assessments – reviewing plans and processes and identifying gaps
  • Social media crisis response planning – developing and building internal capability, including specific plans and processes
  • Social media crisis training and workshops – enhancing understanding of the role of social media in a crisis
  • Social media crisis exercises – rehearsing and testing teams and processes using our proprietary communication simulator. Read more on our crisis communication exercises.
  • 24/7 live crisis response – supporting organisations in the midst of a crisis