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Crisis Management

Regester Larkin by Deloitte is internationally recognised as a leading crisis management consultancy.

Crisis management is more than crisis communication: many functions and many parts of an organisation are involved. It is more than incident management: a crisis can come from an unresolved issue too. It is about leadership as much as structure; team-working as much as process.

True strategic crises do not happen every day – they are abnormal events that threaten the reputational, commercial and strategic interests of an organisation. A crisis response is often a defining moment in the careers of leaders, teams and the wider organisation.

As pioneers, innovators and thought leaders in crisis management, we offer a full suite of services in strategic crisis preparedness and crisis response. We are there for our clients when crises strike, offering advice and support wherever it is needed; just as importantly, we lead programmes for our clients to prepare their people, systems, structures and leaders.

Our crisis management services include:

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