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CR24 – 24/7 Issues and Crisis Response Support

Managing a complex issue or fast-moving crisis is extremely challenging. We have advised on some of the most high-profile crises and toughest reputational challenges in recent corporate history.

CR24 provides organisations with the support they need to manage a crisis. It guarantees immediate access to experienced crisis management professionals that you would want from a 24/7 service.

But it also provides much more. Some of the highest profile crises in corporate history have come from unresolved issues. If suddenly triggered by an event, an issue can escalate into a full blown crisis and put organisations under immediate and intense scrutiny.

By being available to provide ad hoc counsel and advice, we can help you resolve issues before they escalate into crises and ensure that if the worst happens, you can respond effectively.

Our CR24 service includes:

  • Guaranteed live crisis response support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a dedicated crisis phone number. In that first call we determine how to best support our clients based on the situation they find themselves in. Find out more about our Live Crisis Response Support
  • Helping you resolve issues, before they escalate into a crisis. In these initial chats we help clients understand how events may escalate and what actions they can take to minimise reputational impact.
  • Enhancing crisis response capability
    We give clients two days to help them become better prepared to mitigate and respond to a live crisis. Support provided is tailored to client needs but typically can include: observing crisis exercises and providing feedback; running development sessions and learning from recent real-world crises, reviewing or updating crisis plans or coaching junior colleagues.
  • Access to the best issues and crisis management thinking
    Our CR24 clients are extremely important to us. They form an exclusive group invited to networking events, given discounted access to the leading crisis management conferences that we organise or at which we present and provided the latest crisis management thinking.

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