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Crisis Management Planning

For an organisation to be truly ‘crisis ready’, it needs to have the right crisis management policies, leadership, structure and competence in place. Having a good crisis capability – and maintaining it over time – needs regular attention.

We have more than two decades of experience in advising clients on how to establish, maintain and improve their crisis management capability. We help clients who want to:

  • Create a crisis management capability, by bringing strategic crisis management to an existing organisational resilience framework that may already include operational and/or functional crisis preparedness.
  • Align crisis management structure, process and documentation with other aspects of organisational resilience, such as business continuity and incident management.
  • Develop crisis management plans, policies, standards and toolkits to guide an organisation’s crisis response.
  • Keep crisis management capability live and updated, by finding ways to ensure a culture of continuous reflection and improvement.
  • Improve crisis management capability in a specific area, such as leadership, geography or function.
  • Create wider awareness of crisis management structures and processes, by devising and running roll-out programmes of workshops and webinars.
  • Revise crisis management policy and process in light of change, adapting crisis plans, structures and processes to a new organisational design.
  • Change an organisation’s crisis management thinking by, for example, bringing issue-driven risks into what might be a heavily incident-focused crisis capability.

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