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Crisis Management Standards and Guidance

Regester Larkin by Deloitte fully supports the published and emerging BSI and ISO Standards and Guidance documents available to support crisis management, incident management and exercises.

We are able to support and advise organisations in their practical implementation of a crisis and incident management capability and deliver effective exercises, incorporating and aligning with the good practice of the published guidance as required.


BS 11200 Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice

BS 11200 is the British Standards Institution Guidance on Crisis Management and superseded PAS 200:2011 in 2014. BS 11200 is aimed primarily at senior managers and the development of the strategic crisis management capability within an organisation.

As recognised industry experts, some of our partners were members of the BSI’s committee developing BS 11200.

Crisis management support to help you to implement BS 11200.


ISO 22320:2011 Societal Security – Emergency management – Requirements for incident response
ISO 22320 includes requirements for the cooperative aspects of incident response between organisations at international, national and regional levels. This includes, for example, creation of command and control structures that facilitate information flows and interoperability between organisations. It was published in November 2011.

Incident management support to help you implement ISO 22320.


ISO 22398: 2013 Societal security – Guidelines for exercises
ISO 22398 includes guidelines on how an organisation can plan, deliver and improve its exercises. It is applicable to all public and private sector organisations of any type, size or nature. It is aimed at people within an organisation who have responsibility for managing exercise programmes and projects.

Exercise support to help you implement ISO 22398.

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