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Live Crisis Response Support

We have advised on some of the most high-profile crises and toughest reputational challenges in recent corporate history.

For more than 20 years, clients have relied on our support as they respond to crises ranging from industrial and transport accidents, terrorist attacks and supply chain failures to consumer boycotts, corporate governance failures and data breaches.

Our crisis response support includes:

  • Strategic advice as members of the crisis management team
  • Crisis communication advice and support, ranging from developing communication strategies and messaging, to coaching media spokespeople, media management and implementing stakeholder engagement programmes. We can also provide extra capacity and capability to smaller press offices
  • Crisis leadership coaching for the crisis team leader or other senior executives
  • Crisis facilitation or coordination support in a ‘chief of staff’ role.

How we support clients depends on their needs and the situation they find themselves.

Guaranteed immediate access to our experts is available with our CR24 service. Find out more about CR24.

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