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Incident Management

If managed poorly, an incident can swiftly escalate to a crisis. A death on a construction site or a fire at an energy plant can prompt allegation of sub-standard health and safety procedures, and before long the organisation can find itself under intense scrutiny, with its reputation on the line.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte provides incident management and emergency planning services across the operational, tactical and strategic tiers.

We have supported all levels of the supply chain across the energy, water, telecommunications and transport sectors to build and enhance government and industry incident response team capabilities. Our experience of working with parts of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure has given us a unique understanding of the UK Government’s response mechanisms.

Our incident management services include:

  • Incident management planning – advice on incident management plans, structures, process and programme roll-out
  • Incident management training – to prepare your people to manage incidents
  • Incident management and emergency planning exercises – to validate plans and rehearse and test people and processes. We can deliver exercises of varying complexity, from incident plan walkthroughs and desktop exercises to full scale emergency response simulation exercises involving third parties
  • Post incident reviews – to understand what went wrong to cause the incident and learn and embed lessons from the response.

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