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Cyber Crisis Management

Loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information or systems is a critical risk for any organisation. Cyber attacks and data breaches can significantly impact operations, customer trust and damage reputation.

Cyber resilience, a key part of crisis preparedness, is no longer solely the responsibility of the IT department but an issue for the executive team and multiple functions. A cyber incident is often unfamiliar territory, presenting new and unique challenges and terminology and requiring different functions and teams to collaborate and coordinate to manage the operational and strategic response.

As cyber risk is a key focus for organisations, we have become experts in supporting organisations to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber incidents.

Our programmes of consulting, training and exercising ensure organisations’ structures, processes and executive and technical teams are prepared for an integrated cyber response.

Our cyber crisis management support includes:

  • Cyber Preparedness Assessments – understand how ready your organisation is to respond to a cyber incident.
  • Cyber Preparedness Consultancy – advice on cyber response structure, cyber policy, cyber plans and programme roll-out.
  • Cyber Response Training – enabling leaders and teams to fulfil their roles and responsibilities when facing a cyber incident.
  • Cyber Response Exercises – rehearse and test teams, plans, technology and information flows
  • Cyber Crisis Communication – preparing the communication function to respond to a cyber incident
  • Cyber Response Support – this can include strategic advice as members of the crisis management team, facilitation or coordination support to the crisis team leader, media spokesperson coaching for senior executives or advice and support to an organisation’s crisis communication team.
  • Cyber Incident Reviews – identifying and learning lessons and implementing change following a cyber incident.

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