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Issues Audits

Organisations mature in issues management have the capability to identify and predict reputation risk. This involves anticipating issues that are emerging, understanding how, when and why they might develop, and assessing the impacts they might have on the organisation if they develop unchecked.

Effective horizon scanning predicts emerging issues from outside the organisation; effective reputation-sensitive business management ensures that issues bubbling within the organisation are surfaced and given the appropriate attention. Bringing the two together in one place builds a picture of the organisation’s issues radar.

For many clients, our issues audits lie at the heart of their issues management capability. Through desk research, horizon scanning, interviews and workshops, we help create the issues radar and prioritise the issues that need proactive attention and management. This can be done at any level of the organisation: business unit, product, market, region or the organisation as a whole.

There is little point predicting issues and understanding how they might develop but failing to do anything about them. Our issues audits are designed to stress the importance of issue ownership and strategy development, inputting into a wider issues management infrastructure that focuses on resolution.

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