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Issues Management Capability

An unresolved issue can present a risk to an organisation just as serious as an acute crisis. For this reason issues management capability must be developed in the same way as crisis management capability.

The principles of good issues management are essentially the same as those for crisis management: leadership, structure, process and competence. Regester Larkin by Deloitte works with clients to build and maintain all aspects of this capability.

A good issues management structure must encourage ownership, empower decision-making and provide helpful guidance and tools. The process should be simple. Convoluted systems encourage procrastination, not resolution. The more time people spend managing an issues management system, the less time they spend actually managing the issues.

To encourage successful issue management, organisations should focus on ensuring clear lines of responsibility, training a team of confident individuals who know their powers, limitations and reporting requirements, and who have access to an issue management toolkit and resource.

We have designed and rolled out issues management processes in many large global organisations, helping to raise awareness of reputation risk and build competence at the same time. Our knowledge of how organisations work, and our experience in how issues develop, helps us to find the right solution for our clients.

The result is that our clients have the people and the process that together support excellence in issues management.

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