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Issues Management Strategy Development and Consultancy

Issues identified as posing a potentially significant reputation risk need urgent attention. Most can be managed or even fully resolved through the development and execution of an issues management strategy.

Issues management is not purely a communications discipline. Issues – especially those being driven by politicians, NGOs or others outside the organisation – may be strongly felt in corporate affairs, but managing them is about making decisions and often implementing organisational change.

Issue management teams are therefore mostly cross functional and have the mandate to think big to find resolution, and even to find competitive advantage. Regester Larkin by Deloitte works with organisations to assemble and facilitate issue management teams and steer them towards successful outcomes.

For over 20 years, we have supported our clients to set strategy on new issues and course-correct strategy on established issues. We know what resonates with stakeholders – internal as well as external – and what doesn’t. Our issues management experience and insight help those tasked with managing an issue to find, assess and choose new options.

Once a strategy is set, we often facilitate the team as it devises and delivers the tactical actions that the strategy requires. We provide constant challenge and an outside, expert perspective. And we help to measure and report success.

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