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Media Training and Communication Coaching

The prospect of doing a media interview triggers a ripple of anxiety in even the most seasoned of executives. This emotion is heightened in the context of responding to an issue or crisis.

But this is precisely when engaging with the media, especially in the early stages of a crisis, can be key to establishing credibility and building trust.

We have provided media training and communication skills coaching to senior executives for over 20 years. Delivered in our own studio or on location, our media training sessions are always tailored to our clients’ needs and structured around a bespoke, challenging but realistic scenario.

Either one to one, or in small groups, our experienced facilitator will introduce the principles of effective communication, including print, broadcast, and social media, as well as interview technique and message development. Realistic practice interviews are then conducted by one of our professional journalists and feedback from both ‘sides of the fence’ is provided. Honest advice on personal impact and effectiveness – of the message and the delivery – allows participants to develop their competence and confidence.

Authenticity is key to successful media interviews. Our discrete media training helps executives to be themselves, but with the additional specific skills, knowledge and confidence to handle the toughest interviews in the most difficult circumstances.

The communication skills and competencies learnt in our media training can be applied to many environments. Whether it is an internal staff meeting about an organisational change or the launch of a new product to an audience of potential investors, our personal impact and presentation skills training helps those at all levels to develop their confidence through a simple but structured and audience-centric approach to preparation and delivery.