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Reputation Risk Assessments

Organisations constantly make decisions: for example, entering or exiting a market, launching a new product, divesting an asset or agreeing a new partnership. These decisions have commercial, strategic and financial implications; they also have reputational implications. Organisations also constantly face issues – policy and social issues that are driven outside the organisation, as well as performance and ethical issues that emerge from within.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte carries out in-depth reputation risk assessments for organisations as part of their decision-making and issues management processes. Using our specialist knowledge of how different strategic options will be received by stakeholders, what they will think and do and what impact this will have, we provide a thorough reputation analysis.

We have developed a tried-and-tested structure to carry out reputation risk assessments and present them in a way that best aids decision-making.

Our consultants also provide advice on how identified risks can be managed or resolved, helping to remove reputational obstacles from commercial or strategic decisions, and helping to move the issue towards resolution.

Importantly, we believe there is almost always a reputation ‘opportunity’ attached to major decisions and even the most difficult of issues. We help clients to find and quantify those opportunities, allowing the focus wherever possible to stay on positive outcomes.

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