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Power plantEverything an energy or extractives company wants to achieve, whether entering new markets, gaining permits, approvals and new acreage, accessing finance, identifying ideal partners, hiring talented individuals, or earning society’s trust, depends on having a strong and trusted reputation to secure its license to operate, both immediately and in the long term.

Despite being essential for economic growth, energy has become the industry that people love to hate and politicians love to punish. Even in the world’s key producing regions, an energy company can only thrive if it constantly updates its strategy and nurtures its stakeholders to maintain its license to operate effectively at local, national and international levels.

Our Energy and Extractives team advises companies operating, serving or investing in the energy and extractive industries.

After nearly twenty years of working with the world’s largest companies, we have the requisite skills and industry experience to help companies focus on the complex strategy and policy needed to grow their business.

We work with the senior management of Integrated Oil Companies (IOCs), National Oil Companies (NOCs), Independents, Service Companies, Utilities and International Mining Companies to earn, maintain and expand their license to operate in the markets they serve. We also help investors, insurance companies and other financial institutions evaluate the ‘above ground’ risks of proposed energy sector projects and deals.

Representative assignments include:

  • Advising clients through many of the world’s highest-profile on and offshore incidents over the last twenty years, including industrial relations issues, occupation of assets by NGOs, shipping incidents and country evacuations
  • Designing and implementing a global ‘Gold Standard’ of crisis readiness at an IOC, including its global asset teams and JVs
  • Providing an IOC with strategic coordination to re-engage communities at their top ten global sites in terms of potential stakeholder concern
  • Advising a global service company on the above ground risks associated with shale developments and fracking
  • Conducting a crisis preparedness audit of the global asset portfolio of a major investment fund
  • Simultaneously advised three energy companies as they responded to an off-shore gas leak by deploying teams of consultants to guide their response and act as an information link between the firms.
  • Supporting an IOC to develop its strategy around a sensitive asset sale program and market withdrawal in Europe
  • Advising an international oil company on the potential outcomes and ramifications of climate change agreements and helping develop a coherent messaging strategy in response
  • Helping an IOC consider its external engagement and media strategy related to a major project in Iraq

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