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Cargo YardIndustry and infrastructure are priority sectors in both established and emerging markets. The new powerhouse economies have a huge thirst for capital projects and strengthening their industrial and engineering capabilities. Equally, many mature economies are replacing their out-of-date infrastructure and continuing their transformation to a more value-added supply economy.

Working in these sectors has always carried significant inherent risk, which has traditionally been viewed through the lens of health and safety. While the wellbeing of people must always be a company’s top priority, long-term reputation damage can come from many other sources.

Companies now operate in far more challenging environments, often pushing engineering and technology to the limit. Organisations working in emerging markets often struggle with inefficient and opaque supply chains or agents and partners whose behaviour could contravene anti-bribery legislation.

Against this challenging backdrop, government budgets are also being cut and margins being squeezed.

In difficult economic times, the need for companies to protect and strengthen their reputations has never been greater. A strong reputation is a key differentiator and Regester Larkin by Deloitte has helped hundreds of organisations across the globe manage this crucial asset.

Representative assignments include:

  • Reviewing the corporate communications function at an international utilities company and benchmarking it against best practice
  • Helping a major utility company to shape its business environment by developing and promoting a politically appealing and commercially viable policy framework
  • Coached senior executives of an international engineering firm through a series of cyber awareness training sessions in order to build confidence in managing cyber risk.
  • Helping an international airport prepare a communication strategy ahead of a high-profile NGO and activist protest
  • Advising an international engineering company through high-profile legal action involving corruption allegations, helping to change internal policy and processes
  • Coaching a Fortune 10 manufacturing company’s senior management to be effective media spokespeople when communicating difficult issues and corporate announcements
  • Supporting a UK airport during the rebuilding of its communication function following an acquisition
  • Advising a manufacturing client on communicating a factory closure to employees following an asbestos discovery
  • Reviewing a utilities company’s crisis response after a significant power outage

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