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Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

CentrifugeFew sectors face greater extremes of opportunity and risk in their everyday business than the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

The pharmaceutical sector’s enormous investment in drug development can deliver huge long-term rewards. However, the operating environment for pharmaceutical companies and other market participants present them with unique challenges.

The potential pitfalls include the failure to bring efficacious and regulatory compliant treatments to market; the emergence of unexplained adverse events or product interference in established drugs; poor predictions of changing government healthcare systems; a failure to engender a culture that promotes scientific innovation and the need to develop access policies in emerging markets while maximising shareholders’ returns.

We have worked with major global pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, medical technology and diagnostic companies, regulators, and research partnerships and institutions on each of these challenges. We have helped to identify opportunities, respond to regulatory intervention, manage product recalls and supply chain failures, establish and communicate policy and advocacy programmes, and develop and implement crisis management systems and procedures.

Representative assignments include:

  • Helped a healthcare company manage a controversial issue involving access to drugs and pricing by refocusing the issues management team and coordinating as they managed the multinational issue.
  • Support for the chief executive of a research led organisation during the restructuring of its scientific, clinical and support functions
  • Protected a company’s reputation and aided their planning and response as they pursued a new development with strong opposition from activists.
  • Development and implementation of a strategic risk management framework for a developed world regulator
  • Coordination of the international response to the global shortage of critical treatment for a neglected global disease, on behalf of a major public health body
  • Support for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer during a period of intense external scrutiny by the medical community, governments, regulators, media and NGOs
  • Development, implementation and testing of a crisis management framework for a global pharmaceutical company

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