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Telecoms SatelliteThis dynamic and changing industry brings a unique mix of challenges. Telecoms, media and technology companies are under increasing pressure to adapt to fast-evolving trends in a context of growing public, political and regulatory scrutiny.

The rapid convergence of technologies, the changing telecoms landscape and consumers’ ever-growing demand for new technology provides tremendous opportunities for the telecoms, media and technology sector. However, as companies develop and implement their growth strategies, they must also manage a unique mix of rapidly evolving challenges.

The sector must keep pace with innovation to meet demand, maximise customer value and manage investor expectations, while facing increasing regulatory pressures and public and political scrutiny. Privacy, security and piracy, infrastructure investment and the continued debate around the perceived health impact of new technologies also continue to shape the industry’s challenges.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte consultants bring a wealth of experience of this sector, having advised some of the world’s most prominent telecoms, media and technology companies on how to earn, protect and use their reputations to achieve their goals.

Representative assignments include:

  • On-going intelligence and analysis of public health issues related to product development for a telecommunications company
  • Helping a technology trade association protect its members’ interests by developing and communicating policy options, and advising on advocacy strategies with key decision-makers
  • Providing on-going public affairs and media counsel for a major telecommunications multinational, in relation to a foreign investment dispute
  • Helping a telecommunications provider to deploy new infrastructure, during a national roll-out of mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks
  • Advising a trade association on its stakeholder engagement in relation to the Wi-Fi health debate
  • Reviewing and developing a global technology company’s crisis communication structures, processes and procedures, to ensure organisational resilience
  • Supporting a major broadcaster through live issues, with the potential to damage its reputation

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