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    Crisis communication: showing the communications function at its strategic best

    So much of a crisis response is judged by the communications: this, after all, is how stakeholders hear about what has happened, what the organisation at the heart of the crisis is doing to respond, and how it feels about it. No crisis should be managed without communications at the top table. Although a crisis […]

    Crisis management in the maritime sector

    As part of a series of regional events in May 2017, the UK Chamber of Shipping, with Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, Regester Larkin by Deloitte, UK Major Ports Group and The British Ports Association, has organised a series of roundtable events on crisis management. The aim of these roundtable discussions is to draw upon the wealth […]

    Cyber Security: crisis management, contingency planning and corporate culture

    In the Business Continuity Institute’s latest Horizon Scan Report, 88 per cent and 81 percent of business continuity professionals responded expressing concern about the prospect of cyber attacks and data breaches occurring. This concern is perhaps not surprising when you consider that the Institute’s Cyber Resilience Report revealed that two thirds of organisations had experienced […]

    Don’t get lost in cyber space – 10 steps to prepare to communicate about cyber incidents

    Communicating around cyber incidents can fill even the most seasoned of communications professionals with fear. According to our recent research, almost half of communications teams feel unprepared to communicate about them. A good communications response to a cyber incident is critical to protecting reputation and minimising subsequent commercial impacts such as a loss of customers […]

    How war gaming can support business resilience

    War gaming is an underused yet powerful tool for exercising business resilience. Drawing on his experience from the military and working with large corporations and government departments, Dominic Cockram will chair a panel session and short interactive war game at this year’s Global Resilience Summit, hosted by London First. The session will help delegates to […]

    Regester Larkin COO Tim Johnson joins Risk Leaders 2016 to discuss effective crisis leadership

    Recent corporate history has provided dozens of examples of catastrophic failures in risk mitigation and seen global organisations engulfed in crisis. Regester Larkin’s chief operating officer, Tim Johnson, will join the 7th Annual Risk Leaders Conference to discuss what is required to display effective ‘crisis leadership’ and how to guide your organisations back into calmer […]

    Andrew Sheves addresses (ISC)² Security Congress on preparing the c-suite for a cyber crisis

    Despite significant improvements to protect against cyber attacks, many organisations struggle to understand how they would respond to one. A cyber incident is often unfamiliar territory, presenting new and unique challenges and terminology and requiring different functions and teams to collaborate and coordinate to manage the operational and strategic response. Organisations must learn how to […]

    Crisis Management Conference 2016

    We are delighted to announce that our 4th annual Crisis Management Conference will be held in London on Wednesday 14th September 2016. According to our recent crisis management survey, organisations are more confident in their ability to respond to familiar risks, such as industrial accidents, product recalls and extreme weather events, than unfamiliar risks such […]