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    Fort McMurray: How a background of issues can turn an incident into a crisis

    The recent catastrophic wildfires that swept through Alberta, Canada – and in particular the town of Fort McMurray – were more than just a devastating natural disaster, they were the culmination of a series of factors that have created an industry crisis. In an area where one in sixteen jobs is tied to the energy […]

    LNG, the changing state of play and being ready to respond

    Those within the industry know that LNG production and shipping are extremely safe. In more than 70 years, the LNG industry has had few notable incidents; the most tragic and last being the Cleveland East Ohio gas explosion in 1944. However, the industry model is shifting with the beginning of US exports of LNG, and […]

    People first: remembering what it means

    I was fortunate to attend a lunch recently where the keynote address was made by Deborah Tice, international campaigner, eloquent speaker, and mother of kidnapped journalist Austin Tice. Austin is an American citizen, born and raised in Houston, Texas. He was taken hostage three and a half years’ ago while reporting in Syria on the, then […]

    Methane is shale’s Achilles’ heel

    Read print version Listen to audio version This year will force the shale industry to reorganise its activities on several fronts. Already under pressure from an unexpected fall in oil prices, producers will also be required to amend their operations from an environmental perspective, as the US administration proceeds with plans to implement long-awaited policies […]

    US regulation back to the fore

    Read a PDF version Listen to audio version April and May brought a flurry of news related to US regulation of the shale industry. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its final amendments to air regulations for the oil and gas industry (which includes the crucial “green completion” rules), due to be put in force […]

    Shale’s acceptance by the IPCC doesn’t mean complacency

    Read pdf version Listen to audio version Last month, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fifth report on climate change since it was established in 1988. While it advocated abandoning fossil fuels as the quickest way to combat global warming in coming decades, it surprised many by advocating the use […]